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Organisations and individuals unite across Australia to achieve major positive social change

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Today marks the launch of an ambitious social change program that intends to engage workplaces and millions of Australians to improve how we view and appreciate the differences in others.

It comes at a critical point in time when social exclusion is costing the Australian economy tens of billions each year and threatening our values of respect and fairness.

Inclusive Australia is the new not-for-profit organisation behind the program. It is made up of a growing alliance of organisations and high-profile ambassadors who believe in creating a nation where every person feels they belong and contribute, and where difference is celebrated.

Together, they will measure the whole problem for the first time, foster collaboration to accelerate existing inclusion initiatives and identify new initiatives that involve Australian companies and everyday Australians

It begins today with the release of the annual Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index compiled by Monash University, the first report to measure the overarching issue of social inclusion in our country.

The findings are both alarming and promising:

  • 1 in 4 Australians have recently experienced major discrimination;
  • wellbeing is 15 per cent lower among people who have experienced discrimination; and
  • around 40 per cent of Australians have little to no contact with minority groups.

The good news is that most Australians are not highly prejudiced, and more than half are willing to stop discrimination when they see it.

What you can do

Behaviour-change science tells us that the most effective way to reduce barriers and prejudices is through connection with people from different walks of life around a common purpose.

To get the ball rolling, Inclusive Australia is asking people to follow _somebodydifferent, Australia’s most diverse Instagram account, curated by a different person each day. The aim is to encourage Australians to diversify their social feeds, so they can gain insight into different lives and better appreciate their differences.

Inclusive Australia CEO Andrea Pearman said, “the impact of social exclusion could not be overstated - economically, socially and from a health and wellbeing perspective. It is time we all do more.”

“We all tend to surround ourselves with people who look and think like we do. That is why we are asking people to take the small step of following _somebodydifferent on Instagram or joining the alliance.

“Exploring differences can be challenging. But we know from history that when we embrace the difference of our people and communities, we are better off.”

For more information and interviews contact Sarah Parkes on 0426 154 301 or or visit the website.

Follow _somebodydifferent
Be the change
Be the change

Do you share the vision for a more inclusive and unified Australia where all people feel they belong and are valued, and where difference is celebrated?