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Inclusive Australia's Social Inclusion Index: 2021-22 Report

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29 Apr
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Read the latest findings of the 2021-22 Social Inclusion Index

The latest Social Inclusion Index shows that Australians are identifying less with their country and community and for some, life in Australia has become a battle to belong.

➤ People on a low income, had lower levels of wellbeing in the country compared with other groups studied.

➤ Half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples surveyed experienced major discrimination (such as being unfairly fired) in the past 2 years and “everyday” discrimination (such as being treated with less respect) at least weekly.

LGBTIQ+ people had lower levels of identification with Australia.

Religious and racial minorities were targeted by some of the highest levels of prejudice in Australia, although this has been declining since 2017.

By Nicholas Faulkner, Kun Zhao, Sarah Kneebone and Liam Smith

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