Listen to stories of inclusion

Our vision is for an inclusive Australia, where all people feel they belong and are valued, and difference is respected and celebrated.

Inclusive Australia

We should look into what binds us together, what unifies us, because we all can work for a better Australia

Dr. Jamal Rifi

"This campaign is just a bunch of ordinary Aussies saying, hey how do we want the future to look? What kind of people are we as a nation? And what does it look like to help people belong?"

Rebecca Scott


"I really think the next generation of young people do want to be inclusive. They do want to connect with others and engage with others"

Adam Mostogl

"The profound question in life is: Are you okay? But it's not just "are you okay" as words, it’s a shifting of consciousness from self to other, so I no longer am worrying about myself, I'm worrying about you"

Mark Crossweller

"I guess my view of democracy is that it's not just about everybody having a voice, but it's also about the majority taking care of the minority"

David Hua

Any time we find ourselves exposed to a conversation or a situation where humanity is being talked down, then we should be the advocate to say "hang on a minute we're better than that, humanity is better than that"


Founder, M.A.D. Minds