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10 simple actions Australian's can take to be more inclusive

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29 Apr
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Top 10 ways you can be more inclusive

Being more socially inclusive doesn't have to be difficult.

IA with its partner BehaviourWorks Australia, has identified the top ten simple everyday actions that every Australian can participate in to foster greater inclusion in Australia, their local communities and workplaces.

  1. Talk about inclusion, what it means to you and others - share through food, culture and ideas.
  2. Read more and expose yourself to the experiences and views of others.
  3. Listen to and validate people who have been victims of discrimination.
  4. Enable participation by asking people for opinions and amplifying their voices.
  5. Say something when you see discrimination occurring.
  6. Say “hello” to people from other groups or someone you don’t normally say hello to.
  7. Organise an event or activity to celebrate diversity i.e., Reconciliation week, International Women’s Day
  8. Support or donate to a social inclusion cause.
  9. Volunteer or mentoring to support people from disadvantaged groups or those in need.
  10. Make small gestures to show inclusion is important to :
    1. Acknowledge traditional land owners.
    2. Ask how to pronounce someone’s name before introducing a person.
    3. Change email signature to acknowledge cultures, pronouns, significant events etc.

Find out more

Read the overview from BehaviourWorks on the process undertaken to identify inclusive behaviour categories.

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