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Effective ways to reduce prejudice in society: Literature review

Inclusive Australia
30 Apr
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  • Effective ways to reduce prejudice in society: Literature review

By BehaviourWorks Australia

Interactions between groups of people have been subject to research for decades. Substantial effort has been made to understanding how and when people interact positively and include each other.

This issues become increasingly pertinent in a global environmental of migration and displaced persons in which the issue of refugees can cause division in destination countries. Similarly, other issues of equality which can create divisive debate continue to emerge, such as same-sex marriage equality. Mainstream media coverage of terrorism can fuel feelings of distrust and exacerbate social exclusion within communities.

In this context, Australia Post on behalf of Inclusive Australia asked BehaviourWorks to undertake a literature review to considering how the goodwill that is so often demonstrated to those across Australia through the numerous programs and initiatives that are already underway can be harnessed to redouble our efforts to reach out to and include minority groups.

This report summarises the academic evidence that has been identified and the key lessons that can be extracted from the literature and applied to this

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