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The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index: 2018-19 Report

Nicholas Faulkner, Kun Zhao, Sarah Kneebone, and Liam Smith
28 Nov
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The impact of social exclusion in Australia cannot be overstated. Social exclusion costs the Australian economy $45 billion each year, and affects 6.7 million people.

However, at the heart of Australia’s culture are values of respect and fairness, and the majority of Australian people are not highly prejudiced. Despite this, one in four Australians experience major discrimination based on their age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ability or origin.

This is why Inclusive Australia is building a cross-sector movement to change societal attitudes and behaviours towards people from different backgrounds, perspectives and circumstances.

In the recent Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index study, Inclusive Australia commissioned BehaviourWorks Australia at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute to gauge five key aspects of social inclusion using scientifically-informed scales.

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