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The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index: 2019-20 Report

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26 Nov
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The impact of social exclusion in Australia cannot be overstated. Social exclusion costs the Australian economy $45 billion each year, and affects 6.7 million people.

We are seeing some changes, maybe not in behaviour but certainly in intentions.

Social inclusion is a vital part of the Sustainable Development Goals and underpins our success in making a fair in just world.

The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index is the only one of its kind to measure social inclusion as a whole and capture numerous different groups and their experiences in one place. It can help Australians put in place activities, policies and practices that help tackle discrimination.

While the country’s social inclusion score has remained relatively static since the Index began in 2017, the sub-indices show positive movement in contact, volunteering and advocacy, indicating Australians’ desire to do the right thing. This is supported by a gradual move of people classified as ‘Contented’ to the ‘Affected Activists’ group, who are more likely to take action to connect with and support others.

However, breaking the cycle of exclusion won’t be so easy with the research suggesting systemic and ingrained attitudes are slowing the move forward. This is shown with a rise in prejudice and discrimination and an overall decline in belonging and wellbeing.

Adding to this are the heightened tensions and growing inequalities brought on by the Covid pandemic, which will be captured in the 2020/21 Index coming out early in 2021.

Listen to lead researcher of the report Nick Faulkner take you through the findings.

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